Heated Water Pressure Washer

What a Wall Mount Adds to Your Heated Water Pressure Washer Machine

The wall mounted pressure washer machine is one of the products we most enjoy showing off at Lavorwash because it solves a whole bunch of pressure cleaner problems with a simple design solution. It’s one of our hardiest units and demonstrates how much power a Lavorwash machine can bring to your commercial or industrial space. We pride ourselves on making high quality pressure washer machines for any environment, and this one truly stands up to the test.

Hardiness and stability are just some of the features that come with this unique design for a pressure washer. By wall mounting this hefty unit, we could put in our biggest pump, the Lavor CL5. This means the whole unit is not only powerful, but sturdy enough to withstand the pressure of heavy duty wash jobs over its lifetime. We achieve this through both the stationary design and an elastic joint coupling between the motor and the pump which absorbs shock and keeps everything in working order. It’s a solid example of the kind of quality you’ll find in all Lavorwash products, a quality which stems from attention to the details and specifications we include on the heated water products we provide.

Beyond the Wall Mount Pressure Washer

In addition to the sturdy wall mount option, we’ve designed heated water pressure washers to fit almost any industrial environment. By paying close attention to each component we use, we’ve managed to optimize a few different heated water options for the very situations you find yourself in when you need to keep a big space clean.

We’ve created battery-run machines, for instance, to keep you going if electrical outlets are in short supply. We also offer both walk-behind and ride-on varieties to deal with different layouts and kinds of spaces you might be working in, and various specifications that give you many options for how much power you need. Just like the simple addition of a wall mount to a pressure washer can make all the difference when it comes to power and performance, the extra bit of care we put into creating and maintaining these products makes all the difference in the quality you see.

Serious Power from a Friendly Team

This is all possible because our team is trained to be personable and attentive to your needs, so we learn from the problems you tell us about and know exactly what challenges you’re going to face while using our products.

Not only does this personal touch allow us to create products that fit the diverse needs of cleaning different industrial or commercial spaces, but it means we’re also committed to helping you maintain your machine, offering custom service plans along with your purchase. We’re here to help, and since we love what we’ve been able to create with these products, we’re excited to show you everything we’ve done to make your job easier and deliver the washing power that’s going to keep your space up the standards you expect. Get in touch with us today to find the Lavorwash product that’s right for you.