Choosing the Right Diesel Air Heater for Your Workshop in Australia: Radiant Heat or Forced Air

At Lavorwash, we sell a variety of different diesel heaters in Australia. Some of our diesel heaters fall into the space heater—or radiant heater—category. Others we tend to classify as forced air heaters. One of the big questions we often hear from buyers …read more .

Choose Professional Service & Product Selection When You Need a Petrol Based Commercial or Industrial High Pressure Washer

Everything gets dirty eventually — that’s a fact. However, some things accumulate dirt and grime at a much slower rate than others, making it difficult to notice in the short term. Over more extended periods of time, though, the accumulation becomes …read more .

Choosing the Right Industrial Floor Cleaning Machine: Sweepers, Scrubbers, and More

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Commercial or Professional Grade Steam Pressure Cleaners with a Personal Touch

Buying commercial equipment is not usually a very personable process. If you know what you want and are looking for a quick solution without much thought, this can be a perfectly fine way to do business. After all, you might not think there’s much to …read more .

Comparing Professional Pressure Washer Options: What is The Best Commercial or Industrial Option

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Are You Looking for a Battery Powered or Electric Brush Floor Scrubber for Your Warehouse? Trust Lavorwash for Affordable and Reliable Products

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Are You in the Market for a New Cleaner? Three Reasons to Purchase a Commercial Petrol Pressure Washer

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Whether You Need an Industrial Floor Cleaner or a Way to Clean Heavy Machinery, a Diesel Hot Water Pressure Cleaner Can Do the Job

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Keep the Work Crew Warm with Heaters Suitable for a Factory, Warehouse, or Workshop

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Clean Your Factory or Workshop More Efficiently with a Floor Scrubber Dryer Machine from Lavorwash

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Terms You Need to Know When Shopping for Small Diesel Heaters, Radiant Heaters, Forced Air Heaters or Commercial Space Heaters

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Does Your Business Need Cleaning Equipment? Find a High Pressure Steam or Water Cleaner

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Compare and Contrast: Using a Hot Water Steam Pressure Washer VS Using a Cold One

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3 Reasons to Use an Industrial Concrete Floor Steam Cleaner

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Buy Your Industrial Space Heater Blower with Confidence, Thanks to Lavorwash’s Post Purchase Support

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Easily Strip Away Dirt and Grime with the Hot Spray from a Petrol or Electric Industrial Pressure Washer

A thorough cleaning is often a vital part of meticulous maintenance, whether we’re considering your average vehicle or an array of industrial machinery. Over time, sludge, contaminants, and other unwanted debris can accumulate on working components …read more .

Need a New Washer? Three Considerations When Choosing an Industrial High Pressure Cleaner

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Partner with a Trusted Washer Service Provider When You Purchase a Petrol Powered High Pressure Cleaner

In some cases, the moment you purchase an item is the first and last time that you ever interact with the company that created it in the first place. Sometimes, that’s expected and even desirable — you don’t need post-purchase support for months after …read more .

Do You Need a Portable Diesel Heater for Your Next Industrial Worksite? Get in Touch with Lavorwash Today

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How the Lavorwash Hot Water Pressure Cleaner Outperforms its Class

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What a Wall Mount Adds to Your Heated Water Pressure Washer Machine

The wall mounted pressure washer machine is one of the products we most enjoy showing off at Lavorwash because it solves a whole bunch of pressure cleaner problems with a simple design solution. It’s one of our hardiest units and demonstrates how much power …read more .

Choosing Your Professional Steam Pressure Washer: Electric or Diesel Power?

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The Many Advantages of Using a Push Sweeper to Clean Your Floor

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Choose the Right Walk-Behind or Ride-On Scrubber Machine Floor Cleaner: Reach out to Lavorwash Today

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Work in Comfort with a Workshop, Factory, or Shed Heater this Winter

The spaces where hard work happens are often ideal for housing equipment and materials, but you can say the same for their ability to keep people comfortable. Whether you own a factory, a workshop, or even a simple shed, you probably find that …read more .