High Pressure Washer

At Lavorwash, we have a variety of high pressure washer machines.

But what is a high pressure washer?  Well, it’s exactly as the name says.  It’s a washer or cleaner that uses high pressure water to clean things.

A pressure washer consists of a few parts.  Firstly, there is the motor.  The motor can be electric or petrol powered.  The motor powers a water pump which will pump water at a greater rate than your garden hose.

From the pump, a hose is used to connect the pump to a gun.  The gun generally opens and closes the water flow.  Attached to the gun is a lance.  A lance is normally a stainless steel rod of varying sizes and sometimes shapes.

Attached to the end of the lance is a high pressure nozzle.  The nozzle can spray water in a variety of ways and pressures.  Like a standard garden hose, adjusting that can make the spray pencil thin or very wide.  This is exactly how a nozzle works.

Pressure cleaners come in a variety of shapes, sizes and types.  You can have a machine which is cold water, or hot water.  There are electric machines and petrol machines.  You can also have a combination of both as the electric runs the motor while the petrol warms the water.

On top of this, varying parts such as motors and pumps determines the quality of the machine.  Small motors and pumps are used for around the home, while larger and more efficient motors and pumps are used for all day use in a professional environment.

At the end of the day, it’s best to speak to an expert about your high pressure washer needs.  One of the best experts going around is your local Lavorwash branch.  Feel free to contact us or call us to discuss your pressure cleaning needs.

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